Work Time is Still My Time

Well, most of us work to get paid. As a software developer who is interested in software development and programming, it’s not bad that my work has lots of programming stuff. But work is not all fun, often I’m requested to work on something that I’m not so keen on. Frankly speaking, even programming are not all fun.

So sometimes I just get lazy at work, and I tends to act slow. And the idea inside my mind tells me, “hey, get some rest at work, and save the energy for after-work time”. But the ironic thing is I have everything I need to do several things I do after work. I read stuff online after-work, I study for my master degree after work, I think some stuff after work. Actually, all I need to do these things are Internet connection, en, ya, that’s all I need.

If I think this again, this is not logical. I am free to arrange my time at work, I can finish the task assigned to me fast, and I have everything I need to do things I do after-work, so why not make use of the time more efficiently? I can finish the work well and do some stuff I do after-work.

Well, I need to change the mindset, I am not working to get paid. I am working to practice my development skills and write good software solution. Work time is still my time, and I should be getting the same value from work time as the time I spend on improving my skills after work.

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