Is this really a Problem needs to be Solved?

I’m in a rush to a project deadline, and encountered a problem. I thought it would be easy to solve, and started to work on it without a second thought.

It turns out the problem is not so simple. It’s difficult, in fact. I spent over 10 hours trying to figure out the problem. At last, I got a workaround and started to program it. In the middle of it, I took a rest, and after I came back, I suddenly realized that this problem needs not to be solved. It won’t cause any difference in later part of the processing.

I am a little pissed off and also want to laugh at myself. I’ve spent over 10 hours to solve a problem that doesn’t need to be solved? Certainly a good way to let time pass away. Winking smile

So, lesson learned. Alwasy ask yourself: is this problem really needs to be solved, before you start to work on it.

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