Android Video2Gif Released

Several months ago, my friend asks my help to convert a video to an animated gif so it can be shared on a social network. I googled a little bit and managed to do it with a few command line tools on Linux. It’s not difficult but it can be troublesome, especially for non-tech people.
Then I searched for Android gif making apps. There are plenty of them, but none are made for converting video to gif. I decided to write one.
I got busy with my new job and a few other stuff, the development is delayed. When I resume, there’s already an app that does video to gif, and it takes the “video to gif” app name. 🙂
So here is the app, Android Video2Gif. You can convert a video to gif by three clicks.

  1. click a video from Videos tab or Browser tab, this goes to video extract screen.
  2. click extract on top right corner of the screen, this might take a while to sample frames from the video. After it’s done, it goes to gif edit screen.
  3. click ok to start gif generation.

Below are a few screenshots.


Pic 1. Video2Gif Screenshots

The app is still in beta, so I expect there will be issues on some devices. As always, all feedback are welcome.

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  1. Video2gif worked fine for me until relatively recently but now crashes as soon as I try to load it. Are you going to be fixing this or should I just forget about it?

  2. Hello roman,

    I found your app when i search for build ffmpeg with Android. Your app works fine, can you please tell me that how to do this for my application?

    I m currently working on build ffmpeg for my application, in which i want to get multiple frames of video and after that i want to create gif image and play that image on device motion.

    Currently i m using windows 8 and cygwin,I tried your steps for configuring ffmpeg which are mention but it gives me error like as below..

    gcc is unable to create an executable file.C compiler test failed.

    Please give me reply as soon as possible…

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