Android NDK Cookbook Published

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Finally, my first book Android Native Development Kit (NDK) Cookbook is published. I started writing this book from Jun 2012, and the book is published on Mar 26 2013. It’s almost 10 months.

It takes lots of effort to write a book. I wrote lots of sample code; I read a few books to understand certain topics better; the drafts were polished again and again. The reviewers and the editors from the publisher (Packt Publishing) also spent lots of time reviewing and editing the drafts.


The book consists of 11 chapters, divided into 4 parts. Chapter 1 ~ 3 covers the basics, including NDK environment set up, JNI, and NDK build and debug techniques. Chapter 4 ~ 7 introduces various Android NDK libraries, including OpenGL ES 1.x and 2.0, native application library, multithread API, jnigraphics, OpenSL ES, OpenMAX AL etc. Chapter 8 ~ 9 talks about how to port existing libraries and applications to Android with NDK. Chapter 10 ~ 11 discusses how to write multimedia apps and games with Android NDK. Chapter 10 and 11 are available online only to keep the number of pages no more than expected number.

Chapter 8 is a sample chapter available online. One can take a look at the chapter here.