OneClick Movie Maker Released

Here it is, OneClick Movie Maker is released. We can download it from Google Play at:

The idea of this app is to make video editing easy with just a single click. Well, maybe multiple clicks eventually. The screenshot below illustrate the idea.


Figure 1. OneClick Movie Maker Video Effects

As shown above, we can apply a video effects/filters to videos by a single click. The video will starts playing with the effects automatically. Once we’re sure which effect/filter to apply, we click the top right button to trigger the video processing.

The processing is completely asynchronous. Actually, it runs on a remote process on its own. This means one can continue to play with the app without worrying about the video processing, which can take a long time if the video is big.

The app can handle multiple video editing easily. We can apply filters to as many videos as we want without waiting for the previous ones to finish. These video processing will be queued and finished one by one. Better still, the app provides an interface for one to manage the tasks pending, as shown below.


Figure 2. OneClick Video Maker: manages current tasks

Once the videos are processed, they’ll appear in processed page and videos page, where we can play and share the video.

I’ve made a demo video about the app. Hopefully it gives everyone a brief idea of how the app works.


The app is still in beta stage, I’ll add more functions, including adding frame borders, more effects/filters etc. Hope you’ll like it. 😉 The app can be downloaded from Google play OneClick Movie Maker.