Long Pending TS II Released

Finally, TS II is released to Android Market. It has been almost half a year when I initialized rewriting of TSP/TSV. I was busy with school stuff and work, that’s why it’s pending for so long. But anway, I’m happy it’s finally out there.

This release has almost all features in the old TSP,

1. Encryption of photos

2. Decryption of photos on the fly

3. built-in viewer to view, slideshow, share, zoom, pan, rotate photos.

4. secondary account to hide your real account.

5. undo deletion, data recovery.

It also has some new features,

1. Secure share: share your photos with password.

2. Secure shot: take photo within TS, and it’s protected by default.

More information can be found here.

So why a complete rewrite? Well, mainly because of people complains about several bugs. These bugs are difficult to fix in the original design, so I decided to rewrite the app from scratch. Another reason is to merge TSP/TSV together. Although this first release only supports photos, video support will be coming soon in the next 1~3 releases.

I’ve also built a small website for TS II, you can find it here. It’s mainly for helping people better use the app. Users of TSP/TSV have asked me a lot of questions about how to use the app, so FAQ is there. I also added a TODOs so people knows what to expect in future releases.

I also created two pages for user request features/bug fixes and ask questions.

Top Secret II – Question List

Top Secret II – Request a Feature or Report a Bug

Hope some people will like the app.

Plan of Rewriting of Top Secret Picture

As more and more functions are added to Top Secret Picture, the code becomes more and more complicated. As the initial design doesn’t intend to include so many functions, and there’re still many features that users want to see on TSP, I’ve decided to rewrite the app.

Some of the current functions are only used by few people, I might not include them in the new app. Below is a list of the functions that I plan to implement in the new app,

1. Import/Export Pictures

2. View/Slideshow/Move/Delete Secret Pictures

3. Create/Delete/Rename Folder

4. Update/Backup Password

5. Backup/Restore/Clean Up/Wipe Out Data

6. Feedback/Help

7. Secure Share

8. Secret Shot


I’ll start to rewrite the app at the end of this Month (Nov 2010). Any suggestions are welcomed!

Top Secret Series

Mobile phone is a personal device, and it can be really dangerous.

I’ve read stories online about people lost their mobile phones, and then their private information are lost. Sometimes it’s credit card, sometimes it’s personal pictures and videos. If you are lucky enough, people will return the phone to you; but what if they don’t? what if they put your personal pictures and video online? what if they tamper your credit card information?  You cannot rely on luck!

Mobile phones are getting more and more powerful, and more and more capable of capturing your information – text, pictures, videos… But no matter how, it is a PERSONAL device. You want to save your info in the mobile phone, so you can get it anywhere, anytime you want. But you also want to keep it safe.

So here comes Top Secret. It helps you to protect your text, picture and video information. I released the Top Secret Text, Top Secret Picture and Top Secret Videos separately, so I can get more specific feedback and improve each of those functions.

Those three software has been released for a while, and I’ve got very useful feedback. I’m still modifying the functionalities and polish the GUI.

Below are some snapshoot of the software.


0. Top Secret Text Main UI


1. Top Secret Video Add Folder


2. Top Secret Video Add Secret

Hope you like it.  And please leave your previous comments and suggestions for us to improve.