Android Video2Gif Released

Several months ago, my friend asks my help to convert a video to an animated gif so it can be shared on a social network. I googled a little bit and managed to do it with a few command line tools on Linux. It’s not difficult but it can be troublesome, especially for non-tech people.
Then I searched for Android gif making apps. There are plenty of them, but none are made for converting video to gif. I decided to write one.
I got busy with my new job and a few other stuff, the development is delayed. When I resume, there’s already an app that does video to gif, and it takes the “video to gif” app name. 🙂
So here is the app, Android Video2Gif. You can convert a video to gif by three clicks.

  1. click a video from Videos tab or Browser tab, this goes to video extract screen.
  2. click extract on top right corner of the screen, this might take a while to sample frames from the video. After it’s done, it goes to gif edit screen.
  3. click ok to start gif generation.

Below are a few screenshots.


Pic 1. Video2Gif Screenshots

The app is still in beta, so I expect there will be issues on some devices. As always, all feedback are welcome.