Enable Caching on Mobile Devices

I’ve been working on a project that enables caching on mobile devices. Two different approaches are studied, explored and implemented.

The first approach is to implement a transparent caching system. The caching system will behave like a transparent proxy, and the traffic for user specified apps will be intercepted and examined. If the content is cachable, the system will cache it for later usage.

The second approach is a caching library. It targets at apps with list view structure using JSON to communicate with server. The libarary contains a client side to be integrated with client mobile app and a server component needed at backend server side.

Near the end of this project, I did poster presentation at NUS SoC mingling session. Below is the poster. You can also view and download the PDF version here.


At the time of my presentation, the project is not finished yet. The evaluation is in progress. Later on, the evaluation proves that both request-response caching and object-level caching can help save energy, improve response time and reduce bandwidth consumption.

The project is completed and the research paper for this project is in editing mode.