Random Toolbox 1.0.0 Released

It’s the second application I put on Android market- Random Toolbox.

About two months ago, I was thinking of developing my second Android application. I wanted to develop something using Open GL ES, the graphics technology I was picking up. The idea of having a simulated coin flip came into my mind. Then I checked the Android market. There is a very good such application already. I turned to dice roller simulation, there is also a very good one. Card shuffler, same…

Meanwhile, I was having some difficulties locating my application on my Nexus One phone. There are just too many apps installed. Sometimes I just need something to play with when I am on the bus to work, anything fun is fine…

I started to thinking people can get bored sometimes, they simple needs to have sth. to do, no matter whatever it is. Life needs to have some randomness sometimes. Random also means fair under certain circumstances.

Ok. I’ll develop some app that simulates and help people to generate randomness. That’s how Random Toolbox came into my mind.

After that, I decided to have three categories – actions, numbers and deciders. Actions contain some simulations of real life random tools, like cards, dice and coin. Numbers generate randomness related to numbers, like random numbers and random passwords. Deciders help people to make decisions, like randomly launch an application.

Below is a screenshot of two tools in random toolbox – dice roller and coin flip.


Figure 1. Dice Roller and Coin Flip of Random Toolbox

The application is still under development. People are giving suggestions about the Graphics. I’ll continue to polish the application to make it more usable.

Chef Panda 1.0.0 Released

Chef Panda, Chinese food recipes, Android apps

Chef Panda is my first Android application. The application collects recipes of some popular Chinese food. The first release comes with Featured recipes, which contains some most popular Chinese recipes; Categories, which allows one to easily browse all the recipes in the app; Random, which generates a menu consists of 8 recipes randomly.


Figure 1. Chef Panda main screen

The idea of having a recipe mobile app has been in my mind for several months. I think it would be nice to have recipes one can bring along to the supermarket or when one is cooking.

The ingredients of a recipe would help one to buy materials for cooking and the directions would guide one through.

I still remember days I wrote down the ingredients on a piece of paper before going to supermarket. And when I was learning cooking, I did my Google before I start, then run back from the kitchen to my laptop to refresh my memory from time to time.

Ok, now with Chef Panda, I can finally say “bye bye” to those days. 🙂


Figure 2. Chef Panda: a sample recipe

I also got some plans to upgrade the app. First, to add more recipes, of course. Current recipes are quite limited.

Second, to add favourites feature. As the number of recipes grows, I think it’s useful for one to store his/her favourite recipes.

Third, add history stories. I think one attraction of many Chinese food is its long history and usually a beautiful story behind it. I think this is going to be a cool feature to have. But it will take some time.

Also, I found the random function only works when the user first select the random tab. After that, the random menu won’t change. I will correct this in the next release.

Hope there’re somebody likes the app. 🙂